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25th May 2021 

Polymer Training & Innovation centre, Telford 


Understanding plastics sustainability 

To introduce delegates to plastics materials sustainability and the issues that surround it, ensuring they are better informed when making sustainability decisions for their organisation.

The course is a blend of theory and practically applied modules to enable participants to develop a strategy and action plan for their organisation to reduce their environmental impact as well as develop a response to the growing public scrutiny of plastics.

15th June 2021

Polymer Training & Innovation centre, Telford 


Tackling plastics sustainability: Strategies for recyclability and using recycled materials 

To introduce delegates to the recycling of plastics materials and the issues that surround the use of plastic recyclate in products.

The course will enable delegates to understand recycling methods and processes, how recycling is organised, the economics, what products can be made from plastic waste and future recycling technologies in order to make informed decisions on using recycled plastics understand how to validate this class of materials for use.

6th July 2021

Polymer Training & Innovation centre, Telford 


Addressing plastics environmental sustainability across your supply chain 

To support professionals working in supply chains involving plastic materials or products to assist delegates in tackling sustainability issues connected with purchasing plastic raw materials components and products.

The course will support buying decisions and the development of corporate sustainability and quality policies to underpin a organisations reputation and product consistency.

7th July 2021 


SCS Annual Conference: Naturals in Cosmetic Science: Saving out Planet 

Reducing the environmental impact of plastics used in cosmetic packaging through sourcing and design

13th July 2021


Product Design in Plastics 

Training course 

15th September 2021

Introduction to Plastics in Pharma and Medical Devices

Training course 

28th September to 30th September 2021 

NEC, Birmingham 

PS Partnerships are exhibiting at the UK’s largest plastics exhibition

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