Expert Witness Support

As an expert witness, PS Partnerships have the experience to support you with your plastic product failure or the unfair use of intellectual property related to a plastic article.

As independent, specialist experts, PS Partnerships have a strong track record of supporting companies and the legal profession in plastic failure, plastic materials, products and related disputes across many industries such as construction, medical, consumer and infrastructure.

Our expert witness services include:

  • Plastic material and plastics product failure
  • Plastics processing and product manufacturing faults and failure
  • Plastics product design reviews
  • Product technical due diligence examination
  • Plastics related business commercial feasibility
  • Intellectual property evaluation
  • Product compliance appraisals
  • Personal injury involving plastics products investigation

We provide legal reports that meet the requirements of UK, EU and other national court conventions CV’s and references provided by legal professionals from previous cases can be supplied on request.

PS Partnerships have over 25 years’ experience, national and global service coverage and a wide commercial and criminal case experience.

To support you in making the right decision in what can be a confusing and difficult task, download Seven things to consider when appointing an Expert Witness to help you navigate this important decision.

Get in touch if you need or are considering appointing an expert in a plastics material or product dispute