Management System Implementation & Support

Management system implementation and ongoing support

We can help you gain the confidence of customers through the implementation of an accredited management system.  Implementing standards can help you to:

  • Maintain business continuity
  • Increase profits
  • Cut costs
  • Access new markets
  • Meet regulation at lower cost
  • Increase resource efficiency
  • Recognition from insurers, regulators and customers
  • Manage social, environmental and financial risks

PS Partnerships are here to help you with …

System design & implementation

Structured method for implementing a management system to ensure businesses reach their compliance goals

Development of tailored systems 

We recognise that each business has different requirements and tailor our assistance accordingly

Transition to new standards

Identify and address areas to be met, understand requirements and what changes mean, align system with new standard

Certification Support

Choosing a certification body and guiding businesses through the process – Ongoing audits to maintain systems

Industry support

Quality, environment, health and safety, medical devices, construction, oil and gas and automotive

We often start with a gap analysis to find out where you are now … and provide recommendations of how to close the gap and a way forward for achieving certification.

If you want to transform your current management system or implement a system from scratch, get in touch at to find out the critical steps you need to take.