Training Courses

… for businesses using plastics in their products 

Our training courses support businesses and their employees increase their knowledge on plastics, polymers, medical devices and environmental sustainability.

Courses can be customised to suit your business needs and schedule … from introductory through to development level, and run remotely or face-to-face.

Plastics Sustainability

Environmental, recycling and low energy symbols Our sustainability training courses will help you to navigate the confusing maze of legislation, regulations, targets and industry initiatives to improve the sustainability of your products and processes and reduce your impact on the environment.  We have three levels of courses:

LEVEL 1: Understanding plastics, sustainability and how to manage environmental impact of plastics.  Targeted at all types of businesses looking to gain awareness of environmental sustainability and reducing the impact of plastic.

LEVEL 2: Tackling plastics sustainability: Strategies for recyclability and using recycled material.  Aimed at businesses that want to engage with the recycling industry and/or build strategies for reducing their environmental impact.

LEVEL 3: Addressing plastics and environmental sustainability across your supply chain.  Targeted at companies wanting to manage their supply chain more effectively and make more environmentally sustainable purchasing choices.


Fundamentals of Plastics 

Develop the skills and knowledge of early stage career employees and new members of the team of support internal knowledge development into new areas with our fundamentals courses.

Covering everything from introduction to plastic materials and processes, material selection, polymer product product manufacturing, purchasing and marketing and environmental sustainability, PS Partnerships can help!


Introduction to Plastics in Medical Devices 

Medical devices range from simple devices such as syringes to highly sophisticated machines and equipment.  Understand the use of plastics in medical devices, their properties, the material selection process, risk management, regulations and standards.


Medical Device Regulations

Increase your knowledge of the EU Medical Device Regulations and how it can be applied.  To support you with the complexity of the new regulations, our Medical Device Regulations training course will help you understand how the regulations affect your organisation, what it means in practice, terminology, the structure of the regulations and their annexes, general safety and performance requirements and the technical documentation requirements.

The course also includes the impact of Brexit, post-market surveillance, risk management and supply chain requirements.


Risk Management of Medical Devices 

In the medical device industry, risk management is a vital aspect of the lifecycle of your product.  Risk management goes beyond product development and manufacturing.  It’s a systematic process centred around product hazards when using the medical device … from concept and design through to decommissioning and disposal.  An effective risk management process is an integral part of medical device design and manufacture.

Our risk management training course includes:

  • Introduction to medical device risk management
  • The EU MDD and EU MDR
  • Risk analysis, risk evaluation and risk assessment
  • Risk control and residual risk
  • Overall residual risk and risk management review
  • Production and post production activities

Get in touch at You can tell us what training you need … or we can work with you to identify where the knowledge gaps are in your organisation and put together a customised training programme specific to your business.

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