Remote Support
& Audits

PS Partnerships can remotely support your management system development, implementation and ongoing maintenance and review.  Our online support and remote auditing tools enable us to securely receive and share data, make observations and conduct interviews without having to spend time on site.  By making use of live or surveillance videos we can review and audit any difficult manufacturing and production processes.

In times of crisis and social distancing, remote audits protect the health and safety of your employees, protect your accreditations and allow for minimal disruption to your business.

Want to know more?  Download 5 Reasons remote support makes sense to find out the benefits remote support and audits can bring to your business.


How we can help:

  • Virtual gap analysis to compare actual performance versus potential or desired performance 
  • Remote documentation review and updates
  • Remote management system development and implementation
  • Live online training
  • Remote internal audits
  • Online process audits

If you are looking for support for your management system or help with achieving compliance to standards and legislation

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