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How can PS help?

Help and support for companies wanting to supply their materials, products or components into the medical device sector


The UK medical device market is the third largest in Europe, behind Germany and France and the sixth largest in the world. There are currently over 3,000 medical manufacturers in the UK, all forming part of a lengthy supply chain with multiple layers of suppliers contributing to the final product. Domestic device manufacturing is characterised by a large number of small-scale medical device companies alongside global manufacturers with a significant presence in the market. The strength of UK manufacturers lies in orthopaedics, diagnostics, cardiovascular devices and inhalers.

With increasing life expectancy and a prediction by the UN’s Data of World Population Prospects that by 2050 one in six people will be over the age of 65, the medical device industry is often considered to be recession proof.

Are you concerned about navigating the regulatory requirements of the industry and meeting the specific needs of this growing market?

Device manufacturers need reliable suppliers who are aware of their responsibilities and the consequences and implications of component performance on patient safety. Post-pandemic, there will be a trend of less import-led supply chains, opening new opportunities for UK supplied components and products.

PS Partnerships & Consultancy can support you in becoming a valuable part of the medical device supply chain. Starting with a confidential consultation, followed by a gap analysis undertaken at your site (or remotely), we can identify the steps you need to take to achieve the expected standards for different types of devices. Drawing on our experience of supporting companies in the medical device supply chain, and in developing medical and pharmaceutical devices, PS Partnerships can help you navigate the complex and rigorous regulatory framework that ensures a high level of safety and efficacy.

How we can help:

  • Gap analysis
  • Implementation and development of ISO 13485 management system
  • Regulatory strategy
  • Staff training and development in understanding requirements
  • Identifying medical device supply chain opportunities
If you are looking for help to become part of the medical device supply chain

If you are looking for help to become part of the medical device supply chain