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Quality Management Systems ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS



  • Do you have an effective environmental management system or just go through the motions?
  • Are your customers and stakeholders increasingly expecting you to demonstrate your commitment to minimising and managing your impact on the environment?
  • Do you need support and guidance on how to do this … and credibly?!

Start by thoroughly reviewing your environmental risks and ensuring that you have a robust and effective system in place to manage these risks.  An Environmental Management System (EMS) provides you with a framework for monitoring, improving and controlling your environmental performance.

Implement a sustainable business strategy, that links to your management systems to make continual  improvements.

In a world of ever growing environmental awareness it is important to act now … don’t follow later!

ISO 14001:2015

An effective Environmental Management System ensures you have a holistic approach to environmental impacts.  Your environmental legal responsibilities can be better managed, policies and procedures mean you can manage your waste and resources more effectively and you can demonstrate your credentials as an environmentally conscious organisation that has made a commitment to continual environmental  improvement.

BS 8001:2017

The circular economy is challenging organisations to rethink how they operate.  Integrating a more circular approach to your business can have huge benefits from reducing costs and supply chain risks to generating economic and social value.

BS 8001 provides a practical framework and guidance for implementing the principles of circular economy.  We can support you with implementing BS 8001 and thinking holistically about how your resources are managed to enhance financial, environmental and social benefits.

Sustainable Business Strategies

A sustainable business strategy integrates your economic, environmental and social objectives, goals and activities creating long-term value for your business, your stakeholders and society as a whole.

PS Partnerships can help you understand sustainability, what it means to your business and the benefits.  We can engage with your stakeholders, support you in setting goals and commitments and establish the systems and processes needed for the implementation of initiatives.