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Get ready for the launch!

Get ready for the launch!

Plastic … the material that everyone loves to hate!

It may divide opinion but it’s versatility means it can be used for a whole myriad of applications and requirements.

But, plastics have their own rules depending on the material, method of processing, the use and the industry.  And we know that this can be challenging so we have updated our training courses to bring them to you live and online!

Book onto our new online courses which are full of up to date industry know-how to make your job easier.

  • Plastic Materials and Product Development’ will give you a great insight into the world of plastics and product development to achieve cost effective, robust and regulatory compliant designs.
  • Introduction to Plastic Materials in Pharma and Medical Devices’ will help you to select the best material for your medical or pharma application to ensure functionality and safety.
  • Reducing the Environmental Impact of Plastics’ will give you a clear understanding of the impact of plastics on the environment and how to minimise impact through design and manufacture.


We can tailor any of the PS Partnerships training courses to suit the individual needs and requirements of your business.  If you would like the course to be run at your site and cover your specific products, materials and services get in touch.  Contact to discuss your training needs further.

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