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Plastics consultancy

We Provide Independant Plastics Consultancy to Allow Clients to Focus on Their Core Expertise

PS Partnerships Know about Plastics

The plastics industry is diverse and spans such specialist areas including automotive, construction, medical devices, electronics and packaging. With such a wide range of potential applications, finding the right advice for your product can be a difficult task

Using our blend of commercial, production and R&D experience, we solve problems and support a solution to our client’s polymer challenges.

We get your product to market … and keep it there.

How we can help:

With decades of experience under our belts in the industry, we challenge the norm and provide solutions that work in practice and not just on paper!

Our consultative, partnership approach allows us to pool our experience, knowledge and extensive network to actively support our clients and provide an independent, objective and expert service.

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PS Partnerships know about plastics … the good and the bad. We can help you navigate the confusing maze of legislation, regulations, targets and industry initiatives so that you improve the sustainability of your products and processes and reduce your impact on the environment.

Whether you are looking to change your packaging or product design, switch to recyclable materials or formats, introduce recycled content or develop a robust strategy for reducing pellet loss to the environment, PS Partnerships are here to help.

Download our Plastics Sustainability Paper to find out more about using recycled content in your product or packaging format, the importance of designing for recyclability and how to support the plastics initiative to prevent plastic pellet loss to the environment.

How we can help:

Plastics sustainability

Plastic Pellets

Support for pellet handling operations to prevent plastic pellet loss to the environment

Plastic pellets, flakes and powders are the raw material used to make a vast range of products – including packaging, toys, medical devices, pipes and consumer goods.

But due to poor handling, transportation and management practices they can be spilt and lost to the environment … right across the supply chain.

PAS 510:2021 is the worlds first plastic pellet loss prevention standard.  It sets out the requirements for the handling and management of pellets, flakes and powders throughout the supply chain – covering organisational responsibilities, leadership and commitment, training, risk assessment and operational controls.

It builds on the work (and success) of Operation Clean Sweep®, an international initiative from the plastics industry to reduce plastic pellet loss to the environment.  Operation Clean Sweep requires companies to make a commitment to implement systems and good practice to prevent loss to the marine environment.

PAS 510 is a standardised approach to risk management and containment of plastic pellets and aims to help companies achieve and maintain zero loss across their pellet handling operations.

How we can help

PS Partnerships were technical authors of this new innovative standard … so we have a deep understanding of its aims, objectives and clauses.  And with decades of experience of working within the plastics industry we have the technical and manufacturing backgrounds to understand how and where pellet loss occurs.  We can support you with:

  • Integrating the requirements of the standard into your current pellet handling practices
  • Independent auditing of your pellet handling operations against the requirements of the standard
  • Gap analysis to see how you currently perform
  • Action plans for integrating PAS 510 into your organisation
  • Training, awareness and developing the competencies of your employees and sub-contractors
We’d love to hear about your project and see how our plastics consultancy can help!

We’d love to hear about your project and see how our plastics consultancy can help!