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PS Partnerships & Consultancy

was founded to bring together technical knowledge and practical implementation to deliver customer-focused, well designed and pragmatic solutions to technical problems.

Independent experts

At our core is a desire to provide practical and effective support underpinned by our expert knowledge.

With decades of experience under our belts in the industry, we challenge the norm and provide solutions that work in practice and not just on paper!

We also have a network of trusted partners that can bring their expertise to our projects.

Dr. Paul Shipton

Dr. Paul Shipton

Technical Director

Professional, perceptive and the plastics expert, Paul is the P in PS Partnerships!

His experience of working with start-ups and blue chip companies in the development and assessment of new products is invaluable to PS Partnerships clients. Prior to joining PS Partnerships, Paul was Consultancy Director at Smithers MSE Ltd, helping businesses with plastic materials manufacture, formulation, testing, due diligence, technology transfer and product development.

As well as providing technical consultancy, Paul is a registered and approved legal expert witness for polymer product and materials related civil and criminal cases. He also shares his knowledge, particularly in medical devices and product development, through PS Partnerships Professional Sustainability training programmes.

Having worked with business start-ups, pharmaceutical companies, automotive manufacturers, material suppliers and high technology electronic product manufacturers as well as in the construction, food, packaging and medical sectors across the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA there isn’t an industry Paul hasn’t helped!

Suzanne Johnston

Suzanne Johnston

Operations Director

Suzanne puts the S in PS Partnerships & Consultancy … sensible, skilled and super-organised!

Having spent most of her career developing and coordinating large national and EU-funded projects in the plastics industry, she has honed her skills in managing and supporting technical teams to deliver successful R&D and innovation projects.

Suzanne takes the lead in PS Partnerships sustainability projects, helping businesses to improve the sustainability of their products and processes and reducing their impact on the environment.

One of Suzanne’s unique abilities is taking detailed technical information and presenting it simply and effectively to non-technical audiences. She is also a big believer in simplifying things to avoid endless documentation, processes and procedures. Suzanne plays a key role in supporting PS Partnerships’ customers with their management systems, certifications and accreditations making sure they are streamlined, effective and most of all used by the companies that implement them.




Lisa is one of our associates, and an expert in sustainability and carbon literacy.

She is also a maths whizz meaning she makes simple work of carbon emissions calculations, which is important when working on our clients carbon reduction plans!



Rosie is our documentation expert.  Policies, procedures, manuals … you name it, she can write it!  It’s Rosie’s attention to detail that ensures that documents are clear, straight-forward and avoid waffle!

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