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PAS 510:2021 – Preventing plastic pellet loss to the environment

PAS 510:2021 – Preventing plastic pellet loss to the environment

PAS 510: Plastic pellets, flakes and powders – Handling and management throughout the supply chain to prevent their leakage to the environment – Specification 

Do you work in the plastics supply chain?

If you do, then take a look at this new standard published by BSI.

PS Partnerships were the Technical Authors for this new innovative standard to help organisations achieve and maintain zero plastic pellet loss to the environment across their pellet handling operations.

Apart from the fact it was written by PS Partnerships … there are plenty of reasons for downloading a copy and integrating its requirements into your organisation:

  • Its the worlds first plastic pellet loss prevention standard
  • The sponsors and steering group included The British Plastics Federation, BSI, Scottish Government, Marine Scotland, The Investor Forum and Flora & Fauna International
  • Sets out requirements for the handling and management of plastic pellets, flakes and powders throughout the supply chain
  • Covers organisational responsibilities, leadership and commitment, training, risk assessment and operational controls
  • Builds on the work (and success) of Operation Clean Sweep
  • Is available to download for free from the BSI website

If you are looking to implement PAS 510:2021 into your pellet handling operations … then get in touch.  We have vast knowledge of the aims, objectives and clauses of the standard so can support you with audits, training, awareness and implementation.

To find out how to prevent pellet loss to the environment contact