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PS Paper: Introducing plastics sustainability into your business

PS Paper: Introducing plastics sustainability into your business

With the introduction of national and European regulations focusing on plastics and plastics production, including bans on specific types of plastics and plastic products there is an increased emphasis on producer responsibility.

Companies within the plastics supply chain are under increasing pressure to achieve their commitments and targets. This requires robust action plans and investment in the necessary resources to implement these challenging plans.

This first PS Paper highlights current trends, priorities, benefits and support for achieving your sustainability goals. Download the paper to find out more about using recycled contentin your product or packaging format, the importance of designing for recyclability and how to support the plastics initiative to prevent plastic pellet loss to the environment.

Find out the many benefits of incorporating the Sustainable Development Goals and Corporate Social Responsibility into your business strategy and how to achieve compliance with EU- and national legislation.

Whether you are looking to change your packaging or product design, switch to recyclable materials or formats, introduce recycled content or develop a feasible and robust strategy for environmental sustainability, PS Partnerships are here to help.

Plastics Sustainability Brochure Cover

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