Quality Management Systems

Consistently achieve quality products and services 

An effective quality management system (QMS) enables organisations to coordinate and direct their activities to meet regulatory and customer requirements and improve effectiveness and efficiencies to continually increase the quality and economic value of its goods and services.

Implementing a quality management system offers noticeable benefits to your organisation including operational consistency, preventing mistakes, reducing costs, better and consistent control of major business process and importantly … a greater understanding of customer needs.

We specialise in supporting businesses achieve ISO 9001, ISO 17025 and ISO 13485 certification implementing systems that meet your specific needs … from development of the system through to training and helping you through certification audits.

If you want to transform your current quality management system or implement a system from scratch, get in touch at systems@ps-partnerships.com to find out the critical steps you need to take.

ISO 9001:2015

The quality management system standard that helps your business demonstrate its ability to consistently supply product and services that meet statutory and regulatory requirements as well as the requirements of your customers.

An effective QMS supports a business in meeting customer needs, accelerating change and protecting its reputation.  In addition, ISO 9001 certification enhances financial performance through increased sales and increased process control, quality, productivity and efficiency.

ISO 17025:2017

This standard enables laboratories to demonstrate that they operate competently and generate valid results, promoting confidence in their work.

Accreditation to ISO 17025 shows your customers that you value quality and that you have taken the necessary steps to ensure that your testing and/or calibration results are reliable and accurate.

ISO 13485:2016 

​ISO 13485 is the internationally recognised standard for quality in the medical device industry.  Implementing and achieving certification to ISO 13485:2016 demonstrates to your customers that you take quality seriously and you have the processes and system in place to support it.

ISO 13485 places a significant focus on legal requirements, regulatory compliance, risk mitigation and assessment but complying with the standard helps you to improve your understanding of how these requirements impact your organisation and your customers.