Reducing the Environmental Impact of Plastics


Plastic has an important role to play in today’s society but many businesses need to radically rethink how to integrate plastics sustainability into their products and services in order to reduce their environmental impact.

This one-day course is full of relevant industry know-how to make your job easier!  Learn from our course presenters who have worked in the industry and have decades of experience behind them.

You will gain a greater understanding of the impact plastic and plastic products have on the environment and how to reduce that impact through design and manufacture.

The course covers the essential properties and characteristics of plastics, understanding and compliance with environmental regulations and taxes, marine pollution, recycling and reuse.

Using a blend of theory and practical application modules, participants will be able to formulate appropriate actions and identify a response to the growing public scrutiny of plastics.


What will I learn?
  • The main environmental impacts of plastic products and materials
  • How changing consumer attitudes and greater environmental awareness is driving legislation and its impact on industry and manufacturers
  • Strategies for reducing environmental impact of plastics in design and manufacture
  • How to involve your supply chain and questions to ask
  • Evaluating materials and suppliers
  • Using recycled materials and managing its implications


How will I benefit?
  • With the growing public scrutiny of plastics and its increasing profile in the media means manufacturers, suppliers and users of plastic materials and products need to understand the impact of plastics on the environment
  • By being informed, you can develop credible strategies to reduce impact by reviewing designs, materials used and processes employed whilst providing meaningful and accurate information to customers
  • Get a better understanding of plastics recycling and its limitations


Why take part in this PS Partnerships course?
  • Learn from experts who have worked in the industry!  Course presenter, Dr Paul Shipton (Technical Director) is an experienced trainer with over 30 years’ experience designing plastic products and supports businesses with plastic technology and material consultancy as well as reducing environmental impact when using plastic materials.
  • Suzanne Johnston, (Operations Director) supports businesses with product regulatory compliance and minimising plastic materials and products environmental impact.  She has been responsible for managing large EU-research projects with stakeholders across Europe focused on plastics and sustainability.
  • Both presenters are technical authors for an new global standard, to be published in 2021, focusing on preventing plastic pellet loss to the environment.
  • Before the course you have the opportunity to participate in a delegate video call where you can discuss your learning requirements and interest wit a course presenter … to find out about any specific interests you have an answer any questions
  • You will get a copy of all the course materials


Who should attend?
  • Those who what to get a better understanding and be better informed of sustainability and the impacts of plastics on the environment
  • If you have a responsibility for managing or marketing products made from plastics, developing new products or involved in plastics waste management
  • If you would like to start to engage with the plastics recycling industry
  • Roles responsible for formulating or designing and developing products
  • Those communicating with customers or other stakeholders on sustainability and using recycled content in products or packaging
  • Supply chain professionals who want to engage in an informed manner to improve sustainability outcomes
  • Supply chain managers and those responsible for selecting and evaluating potential suppliers
  • Individuals responsible for environmental management

We can tailor any of the PS Partnerships training courses to suit the individual needs and requirements of your business.  If you would like the course to be run at your site and cover your specific products, materials and services get in touch at


4th May 2022 | Start time: 9:30AM | Telford, UK

27th September 2022 | Start time: 9:30AM | Telford, UK

Course Fee: £445, plus VAT

A great understanding of the impact of plastics on the environment and how to minimise impact in design and manufacture