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Sustainable cosmetic packaging

Sustainable cosmetic packaging


This week was the first face-to-face conference for PS Partnerships in what seems forever!

Presenting at the in-cosmetics formulation summit, PS Partnerships Technical Director, Paul Shipton, gave a fascinating insight into the different approaches cosmetic companies have when developing more sustainable cosmetic packaging.

The plastics sustainability agenda is largely driven by:

  • Legislation: Evolving national and European legislation
  • Consumers: Changing consumer attitudes and greater environmental awareness
  • Technology and Innovation: New materials, processes, supply chains

As demand for sustainable products rise and National and European targets specify the amount of recycled content to be added to plastic packaging, recycling efforts have increased to address this growing environmental challenge.

The presentation explored choice of materials, pitfalls, resource opportunities as well as careful design and engaging interaction with the downstream and upstream supply chains.

It was clear from the presentation that there is more to integrating sustainability into cosmetic products than simply replacing currently used plastic materials with often less effective non-plastic alternative materials. Design, material selection, downgauging … there is so much you can do.

With the introduction national bans and regulations focusing on plastics and plastics production there is an increased emphasis on producer responsibility. Companies within the plastics supply chain are under increasing pressure to achieve their commitments and targets, requiring robust action plans and investment in the necessary resources to implement those plans.

Whether you are looking to change your packaging or product design, switch to recyclable materials or formats, introduce recycled content or develop a robust strategy for reducing pellet loss to the environment, PS Partnerships are here to help.

We’d love to hear about your project and see how we can help.  Give us a call on 01743 612050 or drop us an email at