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Tips to get started with PAS 510

Tips to get started with PAS 510

PAS 510 and Operation Clean Sweep ® are both focused on reducing plastic pellet loss to the environment.  

PAS 510 was published in 2021, with the aim of providing a framework for organisations to achieve and maintain zero plastic pellet loss to the environment across their pellet handling operations.

Suzanne and Paul from PS Partnerships were the technical Authors for the world’s first plastic pellet loss prevention standard … working with sponsors and a steering group, including The British Plastics Federation, BSI, Scottish Government, Marine Scotland, The Investor Forum and Flora & Fauna International.

The PAS builds on the work of Operation Clean Sweep® and is available to download for free from the BSI website.  

Using a standardised approach to risk management and containment of pellets can help you to achieve and maintain pellet loss across your handling operations.  And if you are already ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 certified, the structure and format of the standard won’t be a surprise to you.

We’ve put together a few quick tips to get you started with PAS 510 and Operation Clean Sweep.  If you want to start implementing PAS 510:2021 or would like to see how you are getting on with preventing plastic pellet loss, get in touch at and we can guide you through the process.

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