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Top tips for operating an environmental management system

Top tips for operating an environmental management system

Implementing and running an Environmental Management System(EMS) can bring a vast number of benefits to your business, but can sometimes be a strain on resources if set up incorrectly.

Your system should work for you … not the other way round!

Implementing an EMS is different for every organisation and there is no one-size-fits all solution.  Quite often you already have the processes in place, you just need a more formal framework and platform to bring it all together.

It is important that you understand your environmental risks and opportunities and with an effective EMS you can be proactive, rather than reactive in addressing or mitigating them.

An effective Environmental Management System provides you with a more holistic approach to your environmental impacts.

It should include an assessment of how your organisations products, processes, activities and services might affect the environment, an environmental policy and a programme for improvement.  Other elements of an effective EMS are clearly defined roles and responsibilities for employees, written procedures, a controlled system of records, auditing, training and awareness and formal management review.

If you are looking to implement an EMS, there are a few things you can do to ensure your success.  Here’s our top tips for getting the implementation right.

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Start from the top graphic Benchmark performance graphic Invest in training graphic Appoint a champion graphic Look for the quick wins graphic Communicate frequently graphic Not all systems are the same graphic