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Support to

understand where the gaps are in your compliance and systems … and how to close those gaps

  • Do you know where you currently stand regarding complying with your regulatory requirements?
  • What the gaps are?
  • What you need to do to close the gaps?
  • What regulatory changes are on the horizon that might affect you?

Or do you just find compliance complex, dull and tedious and you’d prefer to be getting on with other things?

Navigating Compliance

PS Partnerships … your path to regulatory success

A PS Partnerships compliance assessment identifies the relevant legal, regulatory and other requirements impacting your products, processes and services, whether they are established or under development.

How do you know where you need to get to, if you don’t know where you are! 

We review your regulatory and legal requirements, documentation, processes, procedures, competence, risk assessments and more!  We don’t audit during the assessment, we are looking at the evidence available (or not) for each of the requirements you should be complying with.

Once we have identified the gaps, we provide you with a compliance status report, recommendations for closing the gaps and an action plan detailing activities, tasks, responsibilities and timings for achieving compliance.

If you need support implementing the recommendations … we are here to help!

Once you’re up and running we monitor progress.  Monitoring means we can identify and correct problems before it festers and causes non-compliance.  We can support through internal audits, legal compliance assessments, procedure verification, risk assessment and more!

PS Partnerships don’t do this in isolation.  We work with you to ensure compliance … as compliance never stand still.  We make sure you stay on-point through regular reviews and giving you the data to ensure you have a robust and effective approach.

How we can help

  • Compliance assessments
  • Regulatory matrix
  • Gap analysis against the requirements of a standard you are looking to achieve certification to.  We can even help you with the implementation.  This includes ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, ISO 13485 and EcoVadis.
  • PS Partnerships have undertaken assessments for companies across the medical device, construction, engineering and manufacturing and plastics sectors.
  • Risk review to identify potential compliance concerns
  • Risk assessment to evaluate your current controls, breaking down each risk, ranking the risks and identifying your level of exposure
  • Review of technical files against specific regulations and requirements to ensure they meet requirements, e.g. EU and UK Medical Device Regualtions, ATEX

“Suzanne and Paul prepared a detailed gap analysis which we are working through. They are also supplying ongoing support which we find very beneficial. We have found their training to be very informative with plenty of advice for us moving forward”, Rehabilitation Manufacturing Services Ltd