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Who’s who at PS Partnerships

Who’s who at PS Partnerships

PS Partnerships team

If you’ve ever hired a consultant … there’s nothing worse than realising you’ve made a costly mistake in choosing the wrong one.

There may be times when you and your business face the need for outside technical support and help but you don’t want to make the wrong choice … and this is where PS Partnerships & Consultancy Ltd can help.

We started PS Partnerships to bring together technical knowledge and practical implementation to deliver customer focused, well designed and pragmatic solutions to technical problems.

We challenge the norm and provide solutions that work in practice and not just on paper.

At our core is a desire to provide practical and effective support underpinned by our expert knowledge.

We work in partnership with you as an outsourced part of your team, helping you get results while building in-house capability and capacity … and without the additional cost of a full-time employee.

Take a look at our new Who’s Who page to find out more how Paul Shipton and Suzanne Johnston can help your business with technical guidance and support.