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Have confidence that your products meet regulatory compliance

Have confidence that your products meet regulatory compliance


We know that ensuring compliance with regulations, legislation and standards can be a headache … but PS Partnerships are here to help!

If you don’t meet your obligations there can be potentially serious consequences, so you need to be sure that you understand your business’s responsibilities.  Our 5-step approach to compliance can help you do just that!

Step 1 is Analysis.  We assess where you are now … and where you need to be.  A gap analysis is a good way to establish this.  The gap analysis will identify what your requirements are, and where you meet them – as well as where you don’t.  This is a critical first step in getting to know more about your business.

Step 2 then gives you Options.  Based on the gap analysis we give you a compliance status report with recommendations and an action plan detailing how to close the gaps.  Its then up to you … you can close the gap yourself, or move on to Step 3, Implementation.

We are here to support you with implementation.  We provide support in four different ways:

  1. Outsource: An outsourced part of your team.  Working in partnership with you to get results while building in-house capacity and capability … without the additional cost of a full-time employee.
  2. Deliver: Take everything off you and deliver finished projects, results and reports.  Projects can range from one-off, simple reports to complex multi partner technical project with many milestones and deliverable.
  3. Train: Training support to build in-house skills, competencies and knowledge
  4. Blend: A blended approach based on a targeted mix of everything above.

We then Monitor (Step 4) progress to be sure that you don’t go off track!  And then the final step is Review … where we feedback to you and give you the data you need to ensure that your structure and systems for compliance are effective and robust.

If you need support in ensuring your products regulatory compliance, get in touch at and we would love to see how we can help!

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