Five questions to ask when using recycled plastic in your products

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There is more to integrating sustainability into your products and services than simply replacing your currently used plastic material with a recycled version or alternative material. 

Businesses need to think about the design, manufacture, choice of material, end of life and life-cycle assessment of their products and processes to decide what is best for their product, their customers and the environment.

Any claims you make about your product must not be misleading and must be accurate. 

There is no legal requirement to label your product with the amount of recycled content … but it can be done on a voluntary basis.  ISO 14021:2016 ‘Environmental labels and declarations- Self-declared environmental claims (Type II environmental labelling) specifies the requirements, qualification, symbols and evaluation methodology for self-declaration of recycled content in products and packaging.

Download Five questions to ask when using recycled plastic in your product to support you in making decisions in what can be a confusing task. 

Whether you are looking to change your packaging or product design, switch to recyclable materials or formats, introduce recycled content or develop a feasible and robust strategy for environmental sustainability, PS Partnerships are here to help.

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