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Sustainability: Challenges, opportunities and solutions

Sustainability: Challenges, opportunities and solutions

Post-consumer recycled plastic graphic

Plastics have an important role to play in today’s society but we face a global challenge in plastic wastage and littering.

As national and European regulations introduce bans on specific types of plastics and plastic products there is an increased emphasis on producer responsibility.

Integrating sustainability

There is more to integrating sustainability into your products and services than simply replacing your currently used plastic material with a recycled version or alternative material.

Businesses need to think about the design, manufacture, choice of material, end of life and life-cycle assessment of their products and processes to decide what is best for their product, their customers and the environment.

When helping businesses working towards their sustainability ambitions there are two questions we are regularly asked:

  • Can I use post-consumer resin (PCR) in my product or packaging and if I do what are the consequences for its manufacture, performance or safety?
  • Is my product or packaging recyclable, how do I prove it and show consumers it can be recycled?

PS Partnerships can help you answer these questions and support you with:

  • Recycled plastics ‘use, risk and due-diligence’ assessments
  • Recycled plastic formulation support
  • Material or product validation testing plans
  • Material property determinations
  • Recyclability assessments using international standards
  • Development of more sustainable versions of current plastic products, packaging or materials
  • Process audits to determine percentage of PCR

Sustainability and plastics are a good fit due to the unique characteristics of the material – durability, versatility and lightweight – meaning they can make a vital contribution to a more resource efficient and environmentally sustainable world.

Whether you are looking to change your packaging or product design, switch to recyclable materials or formats, introduce recycled content or develop a feasible and robust strategy for environmental sustainability, PS Partnerships are here to help.