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GRIPS 2023! Key takeaways

GRIPS 2023! Key takeaways

PS Partnerships at GRIPS 2023

GRIPS 2023 is over, here are some key takeaways from our time at the exhibition!


From getting to exhibit alongside the amazing people in Sierra 57 and TEX Plastics, to listening in on talks about top plastic developments from leading industry experts. One of the most interesting topics was the proposed alternative to single use plastics bags by PlantSea. The company plans on using sea weeds to replace plastic and paper bags as the material is biodegradable and is found in our natural environment!

If successful, it could be an incredible solution to one of our planets’ biggest sources of pollution. Furthermore, it could open the door for more plastic products to be replaced with naturally-sourced alternatives.

Klaudiusz at GRIPS 2023


Another key point that was mentioned was that there should be a larger focus on reusing, as opposed to recycling. Recycling is great, it helps with stopping plastics from going into landfill or polluting our oceans. However, many plastic products still get thrown away even if they are recyclable. This could be stopped with more sophisticated cleaning equipment for plastic bottles being made available along with refilling facilities. Where a person could refill their bottles at these facilities at a fraction of the price. It is an interesting idea, but one that would require a big change in consumer behaviour.


On the other hand, this solution could be left behind in favour of more biodegradable materials being used for currently-plastic products.


Did you attend? If so, what were your key takeaways from GRIPS 2023?


We will be presenting at the Operation Clean Sweep webinar on June 22nd. Look out for an article related to the event which will be posted soon.

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