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Operation Clean Sweep Webinar!

Operation Clean Sweep Webinar!

Operation Clean Sweep

From GRIPS 2023 straight into Operation Clean Sweep! Suzanne will be presenting at the webinar hosted by the British Plastics Federation on the 22nd of June.


The webinar will focus on the damage done to the environment by plastic pellets, flakes, and powder, and key ways to minimise the possibility of that happening.  It will also dive into the accreditation scheme for the operation clean sweep , BSI Kitemark, what it is, how to obtain it, and the benefits gained from obtaining it.


Suzanne will be focusing on the PAS 510:2021, the first standard for Plastic Pellet Loss prevention. A standard that PS Partnerships helped to write! It is a comprehensive guide on how to create an appropriate risk management system to prevent plastic pellets from leaking and damaging the environment.

BPF Webinar

If your organisation uses plastics and especially plastic pellets in manufacturing, you cannot afford to miss this!


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